About us...

Design Response is an architectural team of two with a focus in residential design based out of the Pacific Northwest. Our project collaborations began in 2013 and Design Response was formally founded in 2016. 

The name Design Response indicates the importance of an intentional aesthetic and functional response to a specific design problem. This approach of intentionality brings a level of purpose to a project at multiple levels, from the building concept to the smallest detail. We believe that a truly synthesized design response brings durable beauty to the built environment. 


Christina Bollo

Architect, LEED BD+C, PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant

Christina values design that serves social and environmental goals equally, while also responding thoughtfully to clients' economic priorities. She is most interested in places that are designed to be adaptable to the unpredictable ways that people live and their lives change. She is proud of strong relationships with the builders and makers of the buildings she has worked on and brings a spirit of learning to every project. 

Christina has a Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon. She is a licensed architect in the State of Washington. 


Adrienne Gerig-Heyerly

M.Arch., LEED G.A.

With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, Adrienne is the lead designer on the residential projects. She strives to develop uncluttered, functional spaces that utilize the elemental delights of light, shade, form and texture to bring joy to the user.

Adrienne also holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science.